Collaborate on your microservices


Explore services, ownership, metadata and dependencies on other services.


Deliver metadata at scale, integrate with tracking system, cloud platforms and more.


Improve incident respond by reducing feedback loops and enable information discovery.

Service catalog

A central hub for your services

Syslab helps you manage your microservices architecture, bringing engineering teams together with a platform to keep everyone up-to-date and accelerate developer onboarding and metadata discovery

Service map

All your services, in one place

Get a bird's eye view of your services and accelerate metadata discovery - instantly know which services are available and where to find related information


Always stay up-to-date

Communicate API changes timely and to the right stakeholders. Subscribe to services you depend on to receive notification about the service's status and relevant updates


Play nicely with your favourite tools

Bring your own toolchain with integrations to help you stay connected. Choose from our library of plugins or build your own plugin for your use case

Accelerate metadata delivery